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Each space is a voyage of the senses, evoking a wealth of emotions. Decor is by interior designer, Jean-Louis Deniot,
who has reimagined classic French deco and decor throughout the six floors of the Nolinski.

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Mouldings, wood panelling, hand-picked items of furniture, sculptures, ceramics, soft lighting, mirrored doors, heavy curtains and plush carpets in a host of colours toning beautifully with a variety of greys and stunning Béton Ciré decorative plaster: every aesthetic choice, every small detail, every object, gives the 45 guest rooms and 9 suites the look and feel of an elegant Haussmann apartment.

Added to which, is the minimalist green Carrara marble reception area with bronze sculpture and the hand-painted clouds on the grand staircase, as though symbolizing an astonishing ascent into the heavens.

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Jean-Louis Deniot

Interior designer Jean-Louis Deniot is the embodiment of the new generation of “Haute Décoration” specialists. Seasoned travellers will come across his work in every corner of the globe, especially in private properties in Paris, London, Milan, Capri, Istanbul, Moscow, New Delhi, New York, Hong Kong, etc.

His sophisticated architectural ‘couture’ concepts are inspired by classic French decor, reinterpreted to suit contemporary tastes while remaining timeless. He does not restrict himself to one particular style or source of inspiration. Thanks to his instinct and perpetual reform, Jean-Louis Deniot is now one of the most sought-after international designers.

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Fred Viktor

Fred Viktor is passionate about music and focuses with his 2 companies since the 2000’s, on the creation and development of creative projects on the cutting edge of Music (Couturier du Son) and New Media, Art, Fashion and Design (Enterstice).

Fred Viktor has transformed his experience and involvement in the music business into a brand new model…a model which encompasses and embraces The Brand, The Band and The Fan. Fred Viktor’s passion is enabling people to discover, enjoy and totally immerse themselves in his highly artistic and unique creations.

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Each space is unique, an invitation to the heart of the Nolinski Paris.

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