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Nolinski Le Restaurant offers Philip Chronopoulos’ contemporary cuisine, radiant with texture, colour and flavours that are both fresh and unexpected in equal measure, in a decor that subtly combines the spirit of the “Seventies” with Art Deco, in a nod to the 1930s hotel facade.

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Open Monday – Sunday
Closed on Sunday evenings

Breakfast 7:00am – 10:30am
Lunch 12:00pm – 2:30pm
Dinner 7:00pm – 11:30pm

Le Nolinski dinner with live music by Victorious Music every
Thursday, Friday and Saturday 8:30pm – 12:30am
Please note that the live concerts will come to an end after the evening of Saturday 29 June.
Tel: +33 (0)1 42 86 10 10

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The place

A place with a sense of intimacy, untouched by time. Plush corduroy bench seats, honey-coloured wood, oiled Versailles parquet flooring, yellow Sienna marble, brass and gilded lights… A perfect harmony that brings us together, as if by design. As night falls, softness pervades the air in the gentle candlelight.

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The cuisine

Philip Chronopoulos here celebrates a distinctive, cosmopolitan cuisine with Mediterranean influences, and the originality of a menu that embraces many different cultures: “The cultures of raw food, spices, the sea… for a cuisine that you will never tire of”.





Cheeses and desserts

Smoked cod roe tarama, olives focaccia bread 22

Grilled eggplant, yogurt, fresh herbs and pomegranate 19

Casparian imperial Caviar (50gr) blinis and condiments 175

Artichokes, lemon dressing and parmesan  22

Tomato tart, green salad 18

Small tomato salad, cucumber and feta 20

Lettuce gem, king crab and avocado 52

Organic sea bass ceviche with lemon 24

Thin galette of marinated salmon and avocado 24

Aged comté cheese croque-monsieur, green salad 27

Fresh herbs crispy raviolis, morels and feta 36

Saffron, green peas and aged parmesan risotto 42

Grilled Sole, wilted spinach, champagne sauce 80

Miso caramelised salmon, steamed rice 32

Roasted milk-fed veal chop, morels with savagnin and mashed potatoes (for 2 people) 120

Beef polpette, tomato sauce, french fries 29

Chicken milanese 35

Black pepper-crusted beef fillet flambé with cognac, french fries 52

Mashed potatoes 10

French fries 10

Steamed vegetables  12

Green salad with lemon 10

Selection of ripened cheese, green salad and toasted bread 18

Tiramisù just like in Venise 14

Molten chocolat cake 16

Chouquettes with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce 18

Strawberry melba 16

Some strawberries and raspberries 16

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This dynamic, passionate chef is of Greek origin and trained at the illustrious Paul Bocuse institute before becoming a member of Joël Robuchon’s inner circle. He earned his reputation through his success in prestigious establishments before taking up the reins in the kitchens at the Palais Royal Restaurant in 2015. Two years later, he was awarded his First-Michelin-Star before gaining a second in 2022.

He is also the Nolinski’s Executive Chef, a role he took on in 2020. At the Palais Royal Restaurant in both Paris and Venice, Philip Chronopoulos is committed to delivering a superior gastronomic experience, whilst at the Nolinski, his focus is on innovation, with a menu offering international cuisine, his unique culinary identity being his hallmark. Philip Chronopoulos treats produce with respect to reveal its textures, aromas, flavours and colours.

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Each space is unique, an invitation to the heart of the Nolinski Paris.